Hello! Olivia here. I’m so glad you found me and my little cozy corner on the internet! Here, I’ll post tips, photography and other complete randomness. And just to be clear, Blogging and Bubble Tea is not a boba company. 😂 I do appreciate a good boba though.

I was born in Arkansas, then moved to Pennsylvania, to Michigan, to Arizona, to Shanghai and now, I live in California. I think it’s fair to say I’ve lived a very international life, haha.

Here are 8 facts about me:

  1. My lucky/favorite number is 8.
  2. I really enjoy learning.
  3. My favorite fruit is peach.
  4. I love animals.
  5. I despise shrimp.
  6. I’m not adaptable, despite me moving a lot.
  7. I’m somewhat sporty.
  8. I’m short for my age.

Feel free to like and follow! Have an eminent day!

~ Olivia 🌼